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Using Printable Vinyl with Cricut

Print then Cut projects can be so challenging! There are tons of materials that you can use with print then cut including cardstock, printable vinyl, printable HTV, sticker paper, and more. Today we are going to focus on using Printable Vinyl with Cricut.

The first step to creating a Print then Cut project is picking a good file! I used the Love Gnomes File from Design Bundles. If you are new to Design Bundles you can use DIYALEX10 to save 10% on your order. Also, make sure you use a JPEG or PNG file type for your project.

Now it’s time to go print your project to get started! Upload your file to Cricut Design Space, and make sure you save your image as a “print then cut” image during the process. After you size your design and get ready to print, I recommend using StarCraft Inkjet Printable Vinyl from 143Vinyl. It is an awesome printable vinyl product that doesn’t jam your printer.

Next up is your TEST CUT! You should do a test cut on any material that you’ve never cut with your Cricut before so you can find the right cut setting without using a ton of material. After you get a test cut that weeds nicely, you are almost there. Choose the same cut setting that worked well in your test cut, and let your Cricut work it’s magic with print then cut!

Want to see all my best tips for setting up for your test cut? You can watch it in full detail on my YouTube channel! Click to watch the video right here in the blog post.

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