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Since 2016 I've been having a blast, totally obsessed with DIY-ing on my Cricut machine; but I also know just how insanely confusing it can be to navigate this big crafty world. So whether you're just starting or you've been crafting for years, I'm here to inspire your creativity so you're never afraid to jump into the next project!

hey, crafty fam!

While I am just as crafty and sassy as you may think, there's more to me than just DIY-ing all day, everyday!  Take a look below and let me know what we have in common, or if anything surprised you...

believe it or not...

Go Tennessee Vols and the Cincinnati Bengals!! Woot woot!

a huge football fan!
I am

This creative work wouldn't be possible without the love of the OG Creative, and I hope that comes through whenever you stop by DIY Alex!

a lover of Jesus.
I am

Don't you think that pretty much makes me a real-life mermaid?

a licensed scuba diver.
I am

Literally. My husband Andrew and I love to take our little camper on adventures and explore the great outdoors together!

a happy camper.
I am