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equals a match in crafty heaven.

Your top-quality product, plus my highly-engaged community,

Let me guess? You have a game-changing product, and you just know it's going to rock the foundations of the crafting world! But let's be honest﹣amazing products don't mean anything if no-one is buying. And if you aren't getting that amazing merch in front of the right people at the right time... Well then that industry revolution (along with the beautiful sound of consistent ka-chings...) is just a wishful day dream.

Maybe you don't have the time or the resources to build that loyal following yourself. Or perhaps you already have an amazing audience, but in order to hit the next level of expansion your team dreams of finding a way to connect with a new and different thriving community of Cricut crafters.

Are you ready to get your product line in front of the right crafty audience?

Luckily for you, I have just the thing.

Do you want to increase visibility and explode your sales potential? Together we'll introduce your company's high-quality, craft-related supplies and digital products to a loyal and engaged social media community looking for products just like yours. 

social media marketing to expand your craft brand

creative partnerships

Let's work together!

I know you want to get your audience’s attention pronto to market your products, expand your reach, and grow your business. And who could blame you when there's a much better, much faster way available with an accelerator like the DIY Alex Creative Partnerships?

Who wants to have to wait years to grow their audience? Not you, that's for sure. 

These days, marketing is all about getting the attention of your ideal audience. The trouble is that building a platform with a following that knows, likes, and trusts your company can take years﹣literally! But who has that kind of time? You need to get your audience’s attention NOW to market your products.

Kelley Braun, Speedball Art

We hope we can do many more projects like this."

The instructional detail was superb.

"I just checked out the video & am blown away!

Let's work together!

Hi, I'm Alex! Since way back in 2016 I have been honing my expertise with my Cricut machine (and beyond, of course!). Three years into this crafting journey, I finally took the leap to began building my audience professionally, carefully fostering a close and loyal relationship with my amazing Crafty Fam. Because I’ve put in years of authentic relationship building, careful to only share products that I’m truly excited about, my audience are enthusiastic and loyal listeners.

When I began creating content in 2019, I also uncovered a love for video creation. Not only is video quickly becoming the top marketing avenue of the future, but video is also the best way for visual learners to grasp new skills. Because of this, it has consistently been the best way for me to to deeply connect with my audience (and I've gotten really good at it). Video content is key for what I do here at DIY Alex, so I make it a top priority to continuously learn new skills, invest in professional equipment, and consistently improve the quality of my videos.

Before working full time as a content creator, I also worked professionally in marketing and social media for a well-known craft supply company. What this means for you is that not only do I have a thriving and engaged community, but I also have the technical video skills and marketing expertise to create content that you can be confident will provide you a high return on your investment.

professional crafter, content creator, & creative community builder

Meet Alex

✓ Video premiere on DIY Alex Youtube channel with 108K+ subscribers and counting

✓ Tutorial promoted on DIY Alex social platforms with a combined audience of over 30K followers

✓ Opportunities for DIY Alex email promotion and additional marketing options

✓ PLUS lifetime traffic from SEO optimization on every Youtube video

Get in front of an enthusiastic new audience with your product featured in a professional, highly optimized, and in-depth video tutorial.

what you get...

social media marketing to expand your craft brand

creative partnerships

✗ Is a service-based business or e-commerce business with no craft-related products

✗ Has a very short deadline of less than 8 weeks without room to adjust

✗ Is just looking for quick and cheap product reviews or low-impact affiliate marketing

This is not for the company that...

✓ Highly values influencer marketing and brand awareness focused social media promotion

✓ Is fully committed to a collaborative partnership and ready to invest $1500+

✓Highly values exceptional educational and tutorial content for their audience

This is for the company that...

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Ready to market your products to an audience of over 100,000 crafters?

She is passionate about her audience and her job."

companies would love to work with!

"Alex is the type of person that

Globeous, Cup Turner Manufacturer

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