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Saving Money on Amazon Prime Day 2022

This year I’m trying to do more than ever to help you save on Amazon Prime Day! First, let me explain what Prime Day is in case you’re not familiar with it. Amazon Prime Day is a two day annual shopping event that has tons of discounts on Amazon products.

Amazon Prime Memberships

In order to take advantage of the deals, you have to have an Amazon Prime membership. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial here so you can still take advantage of the deals. Once you have a Prime membership, next you need to understand the types of deals offered during Amazon Prime Day.

Types of Prime Day Deals

There are two types of deals you can take advantage of. The first type are called Lightening Deals. Lightening Deals have a limited quantity, and are only available for a limited time. If the deal is really popular, it may sell out due to quantity sold before the time allotted runs out for the deal. So if you see something that you really want, you’ll want to check out immediately to claim your items. Click here to check out craft lightening deals.

The second type of deal that you’ll find on Prime Day are Prime Day Deals or called Limited Time Deals. These deals are expected to last the entirety of Prime Day. Keep in mind that each seller has the opportunity to remove the deal at any time, so you still don’t want to wait too long to check out when you have these deals in your cart either.

Not everything on Amazon is included in a Prime Day Deal. To make sure you’re actually shopping a deal, look for a red or blue banner on the product listing near the product photo. I’ll show you an example of what a banner could look like below.

So now that you understand Amazon Prime Day and how it works, let me explain what I’m doing to help you save on Prime Day.

How I can help you save

I will be posting relevant Lightening Deals (remember these are the limited quantity and time deals) on my DIY Alex Facebook page stories and Instagram stories. You can watch stories on Facebook by tapping the DIY Alex profile picture. Instagram Stories are available across the top of the app, or by tapping on my Instagram profile picture.

You can browse all the relevant Prime Day Deals by looking at my Amazon store. I have sorted the items into different idea lists so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. You don’t have to have social media to shop my Amazon store, so that’s a big plus! Click here to shop my Amazon Storefront, and be sure to hit the follow button so you can follow me on Amazon.

I will also be posting Prime Day Deals on items that all of you have requested via social media over the past couple of weeks in my Facebook group. There will be a pinned post at the top of the group so it’s easy to find, and all the links will be in the comments of the post. Be sure to browse the comments and grab any deals that you asked for, or any that look like a good find for you!

Happy Shopping!

All the Hearts,


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