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The Cheapest Type of Wedding Sign

Wedding signs are some of the most versatile and fun items to make when decorating a wedding.
Signs are great because they can really help you tie your theme together with your decor. There are so many types of signs and ways to make them. Some of the most popular right now are:
  • Wooden signs
  • Chalkboard signs
  • Printed signs- usually mounted on a backing so they can sit on an easel
  • Mirror signs
  • Picture frame signs
Choose which types of signs work for you and customize them however you like. Pinterest comes in handy for inspiration! You don’t have to stick to just one type of sign, make them work for your decor and vision.
I have found the most cost effective signs are picture frame signs. They are incredibly versatile because all you need is a printer and white copy paper to make the sign, and you can buy the frame anywhere. My favorite places to buy picture frames are any dollar store, Ikea, and Hobby Lobby. If you don’t have a high quality color printer, you can create your signs in Microsoft Word or any software, then take the files to Fedex, Staples, etc and they can print it for you. It’s that simple!
Picture frame signs are reusable. You can share the frames between your bridal shower and your wedding, or you can use them afterward to hold wedding photos.
In my wedding I used picture frame signs in several places, including:
  • Welcome to our wedding sign
  • Pick a seat not a side sign
  • Sign our guestbook sign
  • Family memorial table
  • Hashtag sign

Happy wedding planning!

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