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20 Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas to Make With Your Cricut

Every year Cricut crafters everywhere struggle to decide what to make their friends and family for Christmas. So in case that’s you, I’m here to inspire you! I have 20 ideas below to help get you started, and I have resources for most of the ideas linked below in case you haven’t made these projects before.

Let’s get to the list!

  1. One of my all-time favorite gifts to give is Etched Glass Gifts. Using etching cream, you can etch most glass items. I love etching bakeware (like casserole dishes), beer mugs, wine glasses, and more! Check out my tutorial on how to etch casserole dishes here. Even if you etch a different piece of glass, the technique is the same.
Here’s the Etched Casserole Dish from the tutorial!

2. Making personalized gifts for guys are always a challenge for me, but one of my favorite gifts to make for men with the Cricut is custom hats with HTV! In my custom hat tutorial, you’ll see that you don’t need anything fancy like a hat press. I used my heat press without a hat attachment, but you can use the technique that I show you in my tutorial with any heat source (Cricut Easy Press, Iron, etc.).

3. Do you ever feel like gift cards aren’t enough of a Christmas gift? I suggest making an acrylic keychain and pair it with the gift card to make the gift card feel tailored to the recipient. To attach it you can punch a hole in the corner of the gift card (make sure it’s not through any barcodes or stripes that need to be swiped to use the gift card), and attach the keychain directly to the gift card. The great thing about acrylic blank keychains is that you can decorate them with vinyl, UV resin, epoxy, alcohol ink, and so much more! There are ways to decorate them based on any crafter’s skill level!

Check out these Acrylic Blank Tutorials based on how you want to decorate your blanks!

Click here to see how to decorate Acrylic Blanks with Vinyl

Click here to see how to decorate Acrylic Blanks with UV Resin

Click here to see how to decorate Acrylic Blanks with Epoxy

This Acrylic Blank decorated with epoxy and glitter would pair perfectly with a Starbucks or Coffee Shop gift card!

4. One of the most simple Cricut gifts is a wine glass decorated with permanent adhesive vinyl! This gift is best when paired with a bottle of wine. Don’t forget to consider super simple gifts for your friends and family!

5. Custom Phone Grips are the perfect gift for teenagers in your life! One tip for making these is they need to be sealed with their UV Resin or epoxy. Cell phones get so much use that I have never had a phone grip hold up long term when it’s just decorated with vinyl without being sealed. If you’ve never made a phone grip, check out my tutorial to help you out!

How cute are these?! Learn how to make them here

6. Coffee tumblers can be customized so many different ways! You can decorate tumblers with vinyl or epoxy. Smooth tumblers work best for vinyl that isn’t sealed with epoxy, like the ones linked here.
If you’re new to epoxy tumblers, I don’t recommend you making your first couple of cups as Christmas gifts since it takes a little while how to get the hang of the process. If you want to learn more about epoxy tumblers, watch this playlist.

7. Garden flags from 143VINYL aren’t a traditional gift, but what I love about them is how they can be used indoor or outdoor. They are made of an outdoor vinyl banner material, so they need to be decorated with permanent adhesive vinyl. To use it outdoors, place it on a garden flag hanger. To use it indoors, use a Wooden Garden Flag Hanger from 143VINYL and add your ribbon or string of choice. Hanging it in this style makes it look a lot like a wall hanging or piece of wall art.

8. Custom wood signs make amazing gifts for friends and family! Just be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to make them, especially if you are staining. This is not a last minute gift, but still a great option! Learn how to make them here.

9. Reverse canvas signs make great gifts, and they are perfect for beginner Cricut crafters! They can be made quickly, so they would work as a last minute DIY gift idea.

10. Handwritten recipe cards with a custom tin would be such a thoughtful gift for the person who loves to cook on your list. I love having handwritten recipes in the kitchen to remind me of recipes from my childhood, and it makes the gift so much more sentimental. If you want to tie in your Cricut, you can decorate the recipe tin with vinyl to make this gift even more special.

11. Essential oil roller balls are so fun to make and give at Christmas time. I love how you can customize the needs of the person you’re giving it to with the type of blend that you can. You can buy empty roller balls from Amazon, and add vinyl labels on the outside to tell them what the blend is. I will caution you that vinyl labels do not work with citrus-based oils. Citrus oils will break down the adhesive on the vinyl and it will not stick for long.

12. Have you tried making jewelry with epoxy or UV resin and molds? It’s super easy to do, and you can customize the jewelry specifically for the person you’re giving it to. You can buy molds to make earrings, necklace pendants, bracelets, and so much more. If you want to learn how to use molds with epoxy, click here.

13. Faux Leather Earrings are another show-stopping gift that people absolutely love to receive. There are so many patterns and colors of faux leather out there to choose from, you can make it work for anyone on your list. I adore the faux leather from I highly recommend checking it out if you don’t already have faux leather on hand. Learn how to make faux leather earrings here.

14. Customize a wine bottle gift bag and add a matching acrylic topper to make your bottle of wine an extra classy gift! Add patterned HTV to customize the wine bottle gift bag and use the matching pattern in adhesive vinyl to decorate the acrylic wine topper!

15. Christmas ornaments are so much fun to make as Christmas gifts! They are especially great for people in your life who have had a milestone this year, whether that’s a new home, getting married, having a baby, or graduating school. Learn how to make a variety of Christmas ornaments in my Christmas crafts playlist.

16. Who doesn’t love to receive baked goods for Christmas? Make or bake yummy treats- especially your secret recipe cookies, and make them even more special by giving them in a handmade gift box or tin with vinyl on it. You can look up favor boxes in Cricut Design Space to find tons of ideas!

17. One gift that no one will ever forget is Epoxy Photo Coasters. Not only are they easy to make, but they make a lasting impression because they’re so unique. Learn how to make them here.

18. Homemade sugar or salt scrub gives your gift a spa-like feel, you and may already have everything you need at home to make it! Look up a simple recipe on Pinterest, and store your scrub in a mason jar personalized with vinyl. This is great for the person on your list that could use a little more “me” time!

19. This Dollar Tree gift idea is a great one for gifts that you need to make several of on the cheap! Grab a ceramic coffee mug, decorate it with vinyl, and stuff it with goodies like fuzzy socks, pens, candy, and anything else that the recipient will love!

20. I saved my favorite idea for last! For the person on your list that’s a little old school and loves to write hand written notes, create a custom set of stationary using your Cricut. You could do this by buying a plain set of cards and envelopes, and using your Cricut to draw a custom design on the front of the card. If you have a paper stash the size of a mountain, you could consider making all the cards and envelopes using your own paper, and still drawing a design on the front of the card. Tie them all together with some glittery Christmas ribbon, and you’ll have a gift that they’ve definitely never received from anyone else!

If you want to watch the full 20 Easy Christmas Gift Ideas with your Cricut, click here.

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