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Inside the 5-Step Cricut Quickstart mini course I'm giving you speedy lessons covering everything you need to jump in (with none of the fluff!). You’ll learn essential Cricut terminology, get an overview of Cricut's Design Space, and walk through fully unboxing your Cricut machine so you're ready to jump right into the world of Cricut crafting fun!

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Welcome & Cricut Scientist Mindset
Cricut Terms Explained
Cricut Design Space Basics
Unboxing Your Cricut
Next Steps (& Now What?!)

Everything we'll cover in 1 hour of on-demand lessons:

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Since 2016 I've been having a blast, totally obsessed with DIY-ing on my Cricut machine; but I also know just how insanely confusing it can be to navigate this big crafty world. So whether you're just starting or you've been crafting for years, I'm here to inspire your creativity so you're never afraid to jump into the next project!

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