5 Tips on Becoming a Crafty Bride

Many brides want to be crafty while wedding planning, and I don’t blame you! It’s fun and it can save some of your precious wedding planning budget. If you’re not normally crafty, here are 5 tips on how to incorporate crafting into your wedding planning.
1. Get social!
Invite your wedding party or other friends over to craft with you for your wedding. Decide what projects you need help with in advance. Buy the supplies beforehand,  and when your friends arrive, assign each of them to a project. Be sure to provide directions if you have a vision for how you want the project to look. Bonus if you provide wine and snacks! A lot of your friends may want to help with wedding planning, and this is a great way to involve them. 
2. Start simple
If you aren’t an experienced crafter, start with a simple project and work your way up to more difficult projects. Consider a craft that is 5 steps or less. It’s easy to become frustrated and get in over your head if you try to be too ambitious too early. If you want to incorporate complex crafts like wooden signs into your wedding, you may even consider paying someone to do it for you. Although it may sound fun and cheap to do it yourself, the frustration of being overwhelmed and the time you’ll spend to figure a new project out may not be worth it. 
3. Phone a friend
If you have a crafty friend or acquaintance, ask them for help. Ask them to teach you what they make, or for tips on how to do the kind of crafts you want to make. They will be flattered by your ask.
4. Plan it out
Do yourself a favor and do not procrastinate making crafts for your wedding. I recommend having all craft projects complete at least two weeks before your wedding or shower. Crafting is not fun when it’s under pressure!
5. Have reasonable expectations
Don’t expect the first project to be perfect. If you have a big intricate project to do and you know nothing about it, don’t expect to finish it quickly or perfectly. Leave yourself plenty of time and enlist help in experts when necessary. Pro tip: always buy extra materials just in case!
Happy wedding planning!

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